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Telnet(Telephonic network)

It is using port no 23, this is the service which is use for remotely access router switch from any location.

Telnet is an application protocol used on the internet or local area network to provide a bidirectional interactive text oriented communication facility using a virtual terminal connection.

User data is interspersed in band with Telnet control information in an 8 bit byte oriented data connection over the transmission control protocol (TCP).

Telnet was developed in 1969 beginning with RFC 15 extendad in RFC 855, and standard zed as internet engineering task force (ietf) internet standard STD 8, one of the first internet standards.

Historically, Telnet provide access to a command line interface on a remote host. However, because of serious security concerns when using Telnet over an open network such as the internet, is use for this purpose has waned significantly in favor of SSH.

The term Telnet is also used to refer to the software that implement the client part of the protocol.

Telnet client application are available for virtually all computer platforms. Telnet is also used as a verd. To Telnet means to establish a connection using the telnet protocol either with a command line client or with a graphical interface. For example a common directive might be to change your password telnet into the server log in and run the password command.

In most cases a user would be telnetting into a unix like server system or a network device (such as a router).

Telnet install

Power shell (windows only)

Power shell is a scripting tool for windows. Windows power shell comes installed by default in windows.

In the lower-left corner, click the windows icon and type: PowerShell

At the PowerShell prompt, enter the test:-

Netconnection command:- test:-

Netconnection- computer name

<Address>-port <port>

The code 42 app uses port 443 and 4287 to connect to authority servers and the code 42 cloud. If you are unsure which port to include, test all.

Test netconnection- computer name
Central.crashplan.com - port 443

Test - netconnection - computer name
Central.crashplan.com - port 4287

If the connection passes, a TCP test succeeded: true massage display similar to the following:

Computer name:- central.crashplan.com
Remote address: remoteport:- 4287 interfacealias: ethernet 0 2 souceaddress : tcp test succeeded : true

If the connection fails, a failure massage display, for example:

If the connection fails, troubleshoot the failed connection.

Telnet download

Telnet download link


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