Rath Yatra Shri Jagannath, Shri Krishna These 10 secrets related to the temple are also interesting

Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra

Jagannath of Shri Krishna, these 10 secrets related to the temple are also interesting

New Delhi. The Rath Yatra of Sri Jagannath Temple located in Puri is famous all over the world. Devotees from all over the country and abroad come to participate in it. This time the Rath Yatra is starting from July 4. On this occasion, we will tell you about some interesting things related to the temple.

1. The form of Lord Krishna is worshiped in Jagannath Puri. Here Lord Jagannath sits as his brother Balarama and sister Subhadra.

2. There are many beliefs related to the Rath Yatra of Jagannath Temple. According to some Puranas, when Subhadra comes to her maternal home after marriage, she asked her brothers to visit the city. She then left on a chariot with her brothers Jagannath and Balarama.

 3. Another religious belief is the temple of Gundicha near Jagannath temple. It is believed to be the home of Sri Krishna aunt. It is said that Sri Krishna aunt invited him to come to his house. That is when he rides his chariot and stays with his brothers and sisters for 10 days. This occasion is celebrated as Rath Yatra.

4. The story of the construction of Jagannath temple is also very interesting. According to religious texts, his brothers and sisters were greatly hurt by the death of Shri Krishna. So they jump into the sea with their dead bodies. Only then King Indradvimuna living in the eastern part of India dreams of building a temple.

 5. It is said that in the dream the king sees that Shri Krishna's body is floating in the sea, so he should build a huge statue of Shri Krishna from it.

Rath Yatra 2020

6. Under the order found in the dream, the king constructed the idols of Balarama and Subhadra, including Shri Krishna. For this, he used wood. He entrusted the task of making the idol to Lord Vishwakarma. But his condition was that there should not be any hindrance in his work, otherwise he would leave the work incomplete.

 7. One day the king arrived to take stock of the construction work due to eagerness.  Lord Vishwakarma disappeared on seeing him. Due to this, till date the idols of Jagannath Dham could never be completed. They are still incomplete today. But according to the instructions of God, the king placed the ashes of Lord Krishna inside the idols. After this they were established in the temple.

8. There is also a mystery of the Rath Yatra to be held in the Jagannath temple. It is said that on the third day of the rath yatra, when the mother Lakshmi reaches Vishnu ji's court to find her, the dvaitaapati closes the door. Angered by this, Lakshmi ji breaks the wheel of the chariot.

 9. It is said that Laxmi ji gets angry and returns to one of her temples in Hera Gohiri Sahi, a locality in Puri. When Vishnu comes to know about this, he goes to convince him. Vijaya Dashami and return is celebrated as Bohatdi Goncha in Puri on the day Maa Lakshmi agrees.

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10. According to religious beliefs, Lord Jagannath and his siblings are cared for a lot while coming to aunt's house. They are offered fifty six meals. But during this time, Jagannath ji falls ill, then he is kept in a special room.

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