Nag Panchami is a major festival of Hindus

Nag Panchami

Nag Panchami is a major festival of Hindus

  1. Nag Panchami

Nag Panchami is a major festival of Hindus.  According to Hindu Panchang, Panchami of Shukla Paksha of Sawan month is celebrated as Nag Panchami. On this day, the serpent god or snake is worshiped and they are given a bath with milk. But at some places, the tradition of feeding has gone on. Feeding the snake leads to non-digestion or death due to allergy. In the scriptures, Nagas are asked not to give milk, but to take bath with milk.

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On the same day of Nagpanchami, wrestling takes place in many villages and towns in which wrestlers from around the world take part. On this day, animals such as cows, bulls etc. are taken to the river, pond and bathed.  Ashtanagas are worshiped on this day.

Vasuki: On today's holy festival called Nag Kuan in Varanasi (Kashi)  There is a big fair at the place, legend has it that Kashi came to this place to learn Sanskrit as a child due to the fear of Takshak Garuda ji, but Garud ji came to know about it, and he is on Takshak.  Laid it, but due to the influence of his Guru, Garuda ji donated Abhay to Takshak Nag, from the same time Nag is worshiped here from the day of Nag Panchami, it is believed that whoever is here on Nag Panchami  By offering worship, the serpent sees the well, the snake defect of his birth chart is removed.

Nag Panchami Snake worship in India

India was and is a farming country. The snake protects the fields, so it is called Kshetrapal.  The snake keeps our fields green by destroying the animals, rats, etc. which are the elements that cause crop damage.

The snake also gives us many silent messages.  We should have qualitative and astounding vision to see the qualities of a snake. Lord Dattatreya had such an auspicious vision, that's why he got to learn something from everything.

Snakes generally do not bite anyone without reason. He stings only those who harass him or tease him. The snake is also the surgeon of the Lord, if he goes smoothly without doing harm, or lives as an innocent, then we have no right to kill him. When we try to take his life, how can he be called a wicked if he bites us to save 
  • his life or to live his life?
  • Don't we try to take the life of our souls?

The snake is very pleasing to the aroma. He lives by clinging to the Champa plant or he lives on a sandalwood tree. He also wanders in the forest of Kevda. She loves fragrance, so she loves Indian culture. Every human will get the aroma of virtues in life, the feeling of good thoughts, that fragrance should be dear to us.
We know that a snake does not bite anyone without reason. He does not want to waste time by biting someone just like the 
accumulated strength of years of hard work. If we also do some tenacity in life, it will also give us power. Do not waste this power in making anyone angry, surprising the weak or grieving the infirm, and spend that power in our development, in enabling other incapable, in strengthening the weak.

Edit on nagpanchami day

Nag Panchami is a major festival of Hindus

Nagdev must be seen on this day.

 Bambi (abode of Nagdev) should be worshiped.

 Nagdev should be worshiped only with fragrant flowers and sandalwood because Nagdev loves fragrance.

 ॐ Chanting the Kurukulya hoo phat swaha removes snake disease.

Nag Panchami The story

In ancient times one Sethji had seven sons.  Seven were married. The wife of the youngest son was adept and good natured, but he had no brother.

 One day the elder daughter in law asked all the daughters-in-law to bring yellow soil to the house to plunge, and all the dalis (small size baskets made of khar and moose) and dhurpi started digging the soil. Then a snake came out there, which the elder daughter in law started to kill with the hoof. Seeing this, the younger daughter in law stopped her and said 'Don't kill it? This poor innocent

Hearing this, the elder daughter in law did not hit her, then the snake sat on one side. Then the younger daughter in law said to her 'We just come back and don't leave here. Having said this, she went home with all the soil and stuck in the work and forgot the promise made to the snake.

When she remembered the other day, she reached there with everyone and seeing the snake sitting at that place said Hello snake brother! The snake said 'You have said brother, therefore I leave you, otherwise I would have bothered you because of telling a lie.  She said - Brother, I have made a mistake, ask for his forgiveness, then the snake said OK, you are my sister from today and I am your brother.  Ask for what you want. She said Brother! I have no one, it is good that you become my brother.

 After spending a few days, he came to his house keeping the form of a snake and said, 'Send my sister.'Everyone said that 'he had no brother, so he said I am his brother in a distant relationship, had gone out only in childhood.  After convincing her, the people of the house sent Chhoti with her.  He told in the passage that 'I am the snake right there, so you do not be afraid and where there is difficulty in walking, take my question.  She did as she was told and thus reached her home. She was surprised to see the riches there.

 One day the serpent's mother said to him 'I am going out of work, give cold milk to your brother. He did not mind this and gave him hot milk, in which his face burned in a rage.  Seeing this, the snake's mother was very angry. But the snake got silent on explaining. Then the serpent said that the sister should now be sent to his house. Then the serpent and his father gave him a lot of gold, silver, jewels, clothes and clothes etc. to his house.

 Seeing so much wealth, the elder daughter in law said to Isha Brother is very rich, you should bring more money from him. When the snake heard this promise, he brought all the things with gold.  Seeing this, the elder daughter in law said 'The broom to sweep them should also be of gold'. Then the snake also brought the broom with gold.

 The serpent gave the younger daughter-in-law a wonderful necklace of diamonds. The queen of that country also heard her praise and she said to the king that Seth's younger daughter-in-law's necklace should come here. 'The king ordered the minister to be present with a necklace from him and the minister went to Sethji and said, 'Maharaniji will wear a small daughter in law's necklace, she will give it to me'. Sethji gave defeat to the younger daughter in law due to fear.

 The younger daughter in law found it very bad, she remembered her snake brother and prayed when he came brother! The queen has snatched the necklace, you do something that when that necklace is around her neck, then it becomes a snake and when she returns to me it becomes diamonds and beads. The snake did exactly that. As soon as the queen wore the necklace, it became a snake. Seeing this, the queen screamed and started crying.

 Seeing this, the king sent news to Seth to send the younger daughter-in-law immediately.  Sethji was afraid that what would the king not know? He himself appeared with the younger daughter in law. The king asked the younger daughter in law what magic you have done, I will punish you. Younger daughter-in-law said- Rajan!  Forgiveness, this necklace is such that diamonds and beads are in my neck and a snake becomes on the other's neck.  Hearing this, the king turned the snake and gave it to him and said - now show it while wearing it.  As soon as the younger daughter-in-law wore her, so did the diamonds.

 Seeing this, the king was convinced of his words and pleased him and gave him many currencies as well.  Younger she returned home with her necklace and these.  Seeing her wealth, the elder daughter-in-law taught her husband that the younger daughter-in-law came from somewhere because of jealousy.  Hearing this, her husband called his wife and said Tell me exactly who gives you this money? Then she started remembering the snake.

 At that time, the snake appeared and said If my religion doubts the conduct of the sister, I will eat it.  Hearing this, the younger daughter in law's husband was very happy and he gave great hospitality to the serpent god.  From the same day, the festival of Nagpanchami is celebrated and women worship the serpent as their brother.


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