computer pc smps pin diagram

computer pc smps pin diagram

  1. Orange,brown colour/voltage-3.3V
  2. Orange colour/voltage-3.3V
  3. Black colour/voltage 0V
  4. Red colour/voltage 5V
  5. Black colour/voltage 0V
  6. Black colour/voltage 0V
  7. Red colour/voltage 5V
  8. Grrey, white colour/voltage 5V
  9. Green colour/voltage 5V
  10. Yellow colour/voltage 12V
  11. Orange, brown colour/voltage 3.3v
  12. Blue colour/voltage -12V
  13. Black colour/voltage 0V
  14. Purple colour/voltage 5V
  15. Red colour/voltage 5V
  16. Red colour/voltage 5V
  17. Black colour/ voltage 0V
  18. Black colour/voltage 0V
  19. Yellow colour/voltage 12V
  20. Black colour/voltage 0V
Before SMPS on after SMPS on
(Only power is on) (Twizzlers is cannected Between on)
Green colour in voltage 5V green colour in voltage 0V
Purple colour in voltage 5V purple colour in voltage 5V
Green colour stand-by signa
Purple colour power good signal


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