CCNA (cisco certified network associate) details by blog


(cisco certified network associate):

Is an information technology (IT) certification from cisco systems. CCNA certification is an associate level cisco career certification.

CCNA introduction to networking

CCNA (cisco certified network associate)

What is network?

If we connect two or more computer to each other to share the resources is called ccna network.

Networking divided into two concepts:-
  1. Peer to peer
  2. Server and client
  • Peer to peer:-
In this relationship all the computer acts as a server as well as client. It provides decentralised administration. CCNA we can connect max 20-25 computerers.

  • Server and client:-
In this relationship one physical server which is centralize administration of the entire ccna network. In this relationship we connect number of computers. This relationship provides more security.

Types of network:-

  • Local area network (LAN):-

If we connected all computers in particular building, office, campus, orin few km distance then it is called LAN.

  • Metropolitan area network (MAN):-

If we connectall computers in a metropolitan city then it is called MAN.

  • Wide area network (WAN):-

If we connected all computers in wide area network means particular district, state, country then it is called WAN.

  • Storage area network (SAN):-

In this technology sever backup is store in another location then it is called SAN.
What is domain?
Logical grouping of resources is called domain.

 CCNA network device 

LAN card (NIC card, ethernet adaptor):-

LAN card is useful to connect two or more computer to each other. LAN card is also called ethernet card. The main function of NIC (network interface card) is convert binary language into electric pules. NIC consist of rj 45 connector which is used twisted pair. NIC is installing on isa (industry standard architecture) and PCI (peripheral component interconnect) slot, but now a days it is come onboard. NIC consist boot rom. NIC is use mac address, this mac address is 48 bit in which 24 bit vendor address and 24 bit is nic card address.

Manufacture of nic:-

  1. Intel
  2. 3com
  3. Realtek
  4. Intex
  5. Ibm..etc.

CCNA router and switch

  • Router:-
CCNA (cisco certified network associate)

Router is layer 3devica which is used to consist similar or dissimilar type of devices network router is use to connect with destination using shortcut path router is use for inter networking is process in which we connect two or more LAN to each other in wide area network with the help of router.
  • Switch:-
CCNA (cisco certified network associate)

It is used in star topology to manage the computer. In this technique the source and destination computer directly communicate to each other so it is work faster than hub. It is available in 8,16,24,48,56,96 port it work on layer 2 device (data link layer)
It is available in two types,
  1. Manageable switch:- it consistanios (internetwork operating system) andlt is useful for management, division of LAN.
  2. Non manageable switch:- it is used in simple network only use for to transfer packet from source to destination.


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