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Media type

What is a media type example?
Media type is a pathway which is use to communicated from one computer to ano6 computer. Media is considering in two media type.

  1. Trusted media
  2. Untrusted media

  • Trusted media

It consist a cable and it is responsible 100% transfer the data.


Type of cables:-
  1. Twisted pair utp and stp
  2. Co-axial
  3. Fiber optic

Twisted pair:-

Twisted pair consist two types,
  1. STP (shielded twisted pair) cable
  2. UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable
STP:- STP is use for underground fitting.

UTP:- UTP is used for open.

UTP is consisting of following color code:-

 Orange white
 Orange Tx
 Green white Rx
 Blue white 
 Green Rx
 Brown white 

Type of UTP cables:-

Cat 1: use audio for telephone and its dtr is 4 Mbps.
Cat 2: use for computer network and its dtr is 8 Mbps.
Cat 3: use for computer network and its dtr is 16 Mbps.
Cat 4: use for computer network and its dtr 20 Mbps.
Cat 5: use for computer network and its dtr 100 Mbps.
Cat 6: use for computer network and its dtr is 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Using the UTP cables we are to create various cable type to connect various devices.
  1. Straight through:- it is used for to connect dissimilar types of device. Like hub to pc, switch to pc, switch to router.

 Hub / switch PC
Orange whiteOrange white
Orange Orange 
Green white Green white 
Blue white Blue white
Blue Blue 
Green Green 
Brown white Brown white 
Brown Brown 

2. Cross over cable:- it is use to connect similar type of device like pc to pc, hub to hub, switch to switch.

 Orange white Green white
 Orange Green
 Green white Orange white
 Blue white Blue white
 Blue Blue
 Green Orange
 Brown white Brown white
 Brown Brown

3. Roll over:- it is use to connect router to computer it is also called console cable.

 Router PC
 Orange white Brown
 Orange Brown white
 Green white Green
 Blue white Blue
 Blue Blue white
 Green Green white
 Brown white Orange white
 Brown Orange

Cable specification:-

 Gigabit 1000 base t 1 gtps baseband twisted pair
 Fast ethernet 100 base t 100 Mbps baseband twisted pair
 Ethernet 10 base t 10 Mbps baseband twisted pair

What is a media type example?

It is mostly use for TV network. This cable is available in,
10 base 2 10 Mbps speed distance 200m
10 base 3 10 Mbps speed distance 300m
10 base 5 10 Mbps speed distance 500m

Fiber optic:-
It is one the best cable to transmit the data audio and video to long distance networking. It is very expensive and complicated to manage.
What is a media type example?

1000 base LX long wavelength, multimode[3 km] or single mode [100 km]
1000 base sxshort wavelength,
10 base F 2000 meters

Fiber optic mode:-
  1. Multi-mode used LED used in LAN's
  2. Single mode used laser used in telephone network

  1. SC (subscriber connector)
  2. ST (straight tip connector)
Ethernet: any network is configuring using twisted pairfiber optic cable is called ethernet.
Token ring: any network is configuring using co-axial cable is called token ring.

  • Untrusted media:-

It consist to wireless frequency and it is not secure to transfer the data 100%.


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